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Fisher Ranch Longhorns

/Bruce & Karen Fisher/108 City View/Adkins/Texas/78101/(210) 649-4449/Ranch (361) 938-7376/

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The Fisher Ranch is located in southeastern Karnes  County, Texas near the towns of Runge and Nordheim.  The ranch is located in the region of Texas  known as the  South Texas Plains. This eco-region lies  between the Gulf  of Mexico/Coastal Bend and the Texas  Hill Country.

Ranch weather/climate is mostly warm with freezing  temperatures a  rarity in the winter. Summers are hot and  rainfall can  seem non-existent. We have very little  improved pasture on the ranch. Our longhorns graze on  native grass and browse the available native brush. Huisache, Mesquite, Granjeno, and Pear Cactus are abundant.



The Fisher Ranch is a family ranch with Bruce and  Karen Fisher carrying out the day-to-day chores  and responsibilities. Our registered Texas  Longhorn breeding program is small by  comparison but we do have  a variety of colorful  and well-conformed cattle.

Our primary interest on the ranch is caring for our  longhorns, but, we do love our wildlife also!  Whitetail deer, turkey, quail, etc. are  abundant on  the property and we spend a good bit  of time  ensuring that the wildlife is cared for as well.

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